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Seriously, you want nightlife tips from a dork like me? I'm not quite sure if I've EVER been called hip - anywhere - and I go to some pretty farflung places where hip might be accorded just because I'm different. Like, foreign. Think about it: I play trumpet and like jazz, classical, and international music. I got excited that Herb Alpert did a remixed album and want Esquivel to come back from the dead ASAP. Satisfied? Okay then! I've - sniff! - made my case.

With the above in mind, please mind, below are some interesting nighttime places - or so I hear in some cases - and form an admittedly tiny subset. Let's face it, I have no idea what flavor you go for... and I'm not going to shove my head into places I'm not interested in to knock myself out and give a comprehensive list. Maybe you like wearing hats with beer funnels on them; perhaps a frou-frou fern bar is your thing. Whatever - here're a few names and/or districts I'll throw out. It's up to you, oh gladiator, to separate the Christians from the lions:

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