Trippy Seattle - Shameless Promotions Department

So you find my incredible offerings inadequate, do you? Well, okay then. Here are some shameless plugs to properly get you all the more in a Seattle frame of mind. I've tried them all and here happily give them my vaunted and invaluable stamp of approval. Why, you can even buy them through Amazon via the handy links I provide RIGHT HERE! These won't result in any more cost to you, but they will throw a nickel or two the site's way to pay the hosting landlord. That's the theory, anyway, as I've realized about zero sold to date. Sigh.

Sons Of The Profits (book) - William Speidel. This is the book plugged by The Underground Tour, not a surprising thing since the tour was created by the author in the first place. Nevertheless, this is a humorous and informative read about Seattle's origins that will lay any noble claims about the founding fathers' REAL interests (beyond civic pride) to rest. Think crooks and hookers - such tales doth make the burg proud!

The Measure Of A Mountain (book) - Bruce Barcott. Herein lies many a tale of Mt. Rainier, that huge volcanic blob you see to the south on nice days. It's the biggest beast in the Cascades mountain range, offering no shortage of adventures for the outdoor-minded. Some like it so much that they stay there for the rest of their lives - and longer. Read all about them.

Singles (DVD) - This flick was shot during Seattle's grunge heyday. It's actually awfully watchable and funny, giving a realistic-enough-if-comedic version of the singles (or 20-somethings) scene then. Tally extra bonus points if you can locate all of the settings for the scenes.

Sleepless In Seattle (DVD) - Well, yes, this is romantic comedy schlock of the When-Harry-Met-Sally order, but Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan make a go of it... even if they impose a geographic reality on Seattle that is, well, unreal. But it'll put you in the mood of the place, if not knee-deep in coffee.

Lonely Planet Seattle Guide (book) - What, my amazing guide isn't good enough fer ya? Well, okay - sniff - I guess I AM more of an ideas guy. You might want things like addresses, lodging and restaurant recommendations, and more. So here's as good a guide as any - I've generally been most pleased with Lonely Planet guides above others.

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