Trippy Essays

The personal histories, observations...
The More Forgotten Forgotten Choco Coast - a stab at a travel writing contest
The Book of Busk - a primer, of sorts, on busking. I'm hoping to create a publishable article out of this one...
Seriously. No. - and you thought it was all about the glory...
A Night With Pink - not exactly one bourbon, one shot, one beer
TripTrumpet vs. Mother Nature - more follies to forget
Just A Coincidence - who you callin' a freak?
A Korean Soliloquy - coming of age in South Korea
I Had A Dream - on practicing
I Miss Violent Weather - lamenting a lack of storms
Pyrotechnic - pyro ambitions gone wrong
Star Wars - watching a daydream spoil
Backache - learning a lesson or two
O Bike - understanding freedom
TripTrumpet vs. Himself - follies to forget
Thank You, Death
On Tour

... and the stabs at fiction.

The Asshole Registry - reacting to the Patriot Act
Only A Matter Of Time [IN PROGRESS]

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