Why the hell does this site exist?

Well, now - what a GOOD question! And the answer would lie somewhere between my desire to share and something along the lines of narcissism. The Seattle pages would certainly fall under the former, as would the travelogues for the most part. But, to the extent that the travelogues are MY story, they fall under the latter as well. Same with the personal histories. The humanity!

Then again, there ARE other reasons for this site, such as its offering a modicum of both convenience and writing practice. The recipes and book/movie lists are used by ME wherever I go, but might by some chance prove handy to YOU. I have no idea, nor do I particularly care if said content ever finds uses beyond my undoubtedly nefarious ones, but hey. As for the scribbling I get in whilst maintaining this site, a little birdie once told me that it makes for... doing it better, eventually. "Perfect" ain't gonna happen, but as I hang my text out to dry I do shoot for improving the result.

Lastly, I whimsically harbor the idea of making a buck with this some or part of this mess somehow. For example, if this site serves as a portfolio for a publishing contract of any sort - an article, a guide entry - then it's worked to the furthest extent of my remotest hopes. Wouldn't that be something? (Yes, it would.)

But any such dreams to be realized in the last paragraph would likely take a lot more traffic. Which brings me to the last point: how can I direct more traffic to this site? Now that's a GOOD question - and one which I'll test out from time to time. Cross links on others' sites to access this site would undoubtedly help with the search engines; I feel that the Seattle stuff and perhaps the essays have the most appeal. But then again... who knows? Maybe this website will forever be relegated to obscurity.

So... stay tuned, whoever YOU are.

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