Musical Films

**** All That Jazz
Showbiz as told through the five stages of death. Roy Scheider escaped the jaws of Jaws with this one forever.
*** Charley and the Chocolate Factory
Several lucky kids win tickets to tour Willy Wonka's famous chocolate factory, a fable told in each child's mishap. Classic one-liners and, well, Oompah-Loompahs.
***+ Chicago
** Chi-Raq - dir. Spike Lee
Spike Lee takes on the violence of Chicago in the first decades of the latest millenium, but done essentially in verse in a take on an old Greek tale. Women use the withholding of sex to get their men to behave.
**+ Everybody Says I Love You - dir. Woody Allen
*** Grease
** Grease 2
**** Hair
**** Jesus Christ Superstar
**+ La La Land - dir. Damien Chazelle
A sugary musical that is pretty to watch but features not a song that anyone will be humming long afterward. A girl wants to be an actress; her boy wants to own a jazz club where he plays his piano.
**+ The Producers dir. Mel Brooks
This one hits all the right notes in its jabs at producers working their "magic" on broadway, all hedged on a premise that perhaps being as lousy as possible a work actually leads to the most profits. The staging of the horrific musical "Springtime For Hitler" is nothing less than excellent.
**+ Sound of Music
The Von Trapp family flees Austria at the onset of WWII, singing their little hearts out as the kids take to their tune-beltin' nanny. Cheesy, yes, but the tunes are indeed timeless.
*** Tommy
**** Wizard of Oz
Was it all just a dream? Mebbe - but Dorothy and Toto ain't in Kansas anymore when they find themselves in the land of Oz. Flying Monkeys!!!

**+ Louis Armstrong Live in '59 (Belgium)
**** Art Blakely & The Jazz Messengers - Live In '58 (Belgium)
** Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams Still
**+ Dizzy Gillespie Live in '58 (Belgium), '70 (Denmark)
***+ Dexter Gordon 1963 (Switzerland), 1964 (Holland, Belgium)
*** Dizzy's Dream Band
*** Lionel Hampton - Live In '58 (Belgium)
***+ Quincy Jones Live in '60 (Belgium, Switzerland)
***+ Thelonious Monk Live in '66 (Norway, Denmark)
**** Oscar Peterson - Live In '63 (Sweden), '64 (Denmark), '65 (Finland)
**+ Tangos Among Friends

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