Touring Checklist

The updated checklist of things to bring for bike camping, TripTrumpet-style:

2 sets of biking clothes (long & short jersey, long & short pants, socks)
bike shoes
rain jacket & pants
bike kit: pump, spare tube, patch kit, allen wrench+ tool, tire irons, grease/oil
helmet, gloves, sunglasses
coil lock
3 shockcords (1 spare)
attachable headlight
maps, map clipboard

canned and dry food
spices (sugar, pepper...)
energy bars
2 water bottles
stove & fuel cannister
cookware: skillet, pot, utensils, messplate, tupperware container
dishsoap, sponge
twine for hanging food
extra ziplock bags

fleece hat and gloves (never know when you get cold)
set of lightweight longsleeve campground clothes (polypro shirt, pants)
fleece and/or rain jacket shell
tent, sleeping bag, fleece scrunch pillow, thermarest
flipflops, hiking sandals
headlamp, spare batteries
pocket knife, cleaning liquid, sponge

toiletries, including sunscreen
medical kit - bandages, stuff for headache and dehydration, disinfectant spare toilet paper (damn straight!)
shaving kit

trumpet in foam case, oil and cleaning kit, silent mute, music cards with contact info for handing out
2 books, the random magazine
iPod and charger
camera and charger, upload cable
phone and charger
(need to combine the three above!)
empty day backpack
2 pens, tiny notebook, notebook for writing
pencil, eraser, sharpener, drawing pad
tiny portable chair/stool for busking

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