Argentina-Uruguay 2013-2014: A Sixth Worthy Plunge Into Argentina, An Unanticipated Second Into Uruguay

A South American summer sounds like a good thing when gray skies and rain descend on Washington State. With snow already gracing the phony Bavarian burg in which I live, if only fleetingly and flittered, I believe I've received the sufficient shot over the bow of the good ship TripTrumpet. So off I go, even if adventure isn't the precise order of this traveler's day. That's because I'm heading back to Argentina for a sixth time, returning to a few known places where I have friends and then... who knows? One thing is for sure: 3-1/2 months will likely disappear altogether too quickly - or too slowly if I don't properly respect the ferocious heat of a North Argentina summer...

Buenos Aires, Argentina (12 nights) EXTRA PICS
Rosario, Argentina (4 nights) EXTRA PICS
Córdoba, Argentina (11 nights)
night bus to Tucuman
Tafí del Valle & Cafayate, Argentina (4,7 nights)
Salta, Argentina (16 nights) EXTRA PICS
Córdoba, Argentina redux (6 nights)
night bus to Montevideo
Montevideo, Uruguay (5 nights) EXTRA PICS
Punta del Diablo (& Cabo de Polonio, plus a return to Montevideo in passing), Uruguay (15 (12&2&1) nights) EXTRA PICS
Buenos Aires, Argentina redux (15 nights) EXTRA PICS

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