From 26 Oct 2008 - 4 Jun 2009 TripTrumpet was in Australia, trying to determine the mating habits of kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and dingo dogs. He didn't get far.

Trippin' In Australia, By Bike, But First Determining Head From Tail
Finally In Australia - Sydney
Cycling NSW's Wollongong To Merimbula Along The Coast
Cycling Victoria's Lake's Entrance To Warrnambool Along The Coast, Then Melbourne
Cycling Tassie ("Tazzie", Tasmania) From North To South...
Off The Cycle In Tasmania
The Big East Mainland Swing (part 1)
The Big East Mainland Swing (part 2)

Extra #1: Thoughts On Cycle Touring, And On Doing So In Oz
Extra #2: Australian Cinema
Extra #3: An Aussie-American Dictionary
Extra #4: Odd Alice Springs And The Enigmatic Aborigine
Extra #5: TripTrumpet Talks The Busk...
Extra #6: Prelude To A Kangaroofest: Kaua'i

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