It's finally all just about here, minus pictures for the San Agustin entry. Hopefully I'll have something there soon.

From 16 Nov 2009 - 9 Mar 2010 TripTrumpet was in Colombia, undergoing all the strains associated with pulling head from butt. The trumpet got substantial airings, a stack of books was devoured (while continually being added to), and the stomach was put through its paces. Quite successfully it should be noted, regarding the latter. Cumbia, coca tea, aguardiente... Shakira? Yes, I'd dabble in all of the above, not for the first time, but with a little focus on aguardiente.

This trip's trajectory started in Bogotá toward points north, then proceeded along a short Caribbean east-to-west slide. A testing inland dip to Mompox (rather ill-advised in its actualization) somehow entered the mix between there and here, or here and there. Then came a southward stab along the central and west Andes fingers to finally put me as deep south as San Agustin, where a back pull put me out of commission. From there it was a return to Bogotá only to catch my breath before flying on to Miami on March 9th.

Getting Going
Bogotá (East Andes finger)...7 nights
Villa de Leyva (East Andes finger)...9 nights
San Gil (East Andes finger)...5 nights, Bucaramanga (East Andes finger)...1 night
Santa Marta (Caribbean Sea)...1 night, Ciudad Perdida/The Lost City (Santa Marta range)...4 nights
Taganga (Caribbean Sea)...10 nights
Mompox (Rio Magdalena)...4 nights
Cartagena (Caribbean Sea)...2 nights
overnight hell bus of 1 night
Medellín (Middle Andes finger)...4 nights
Manizales (Middle Andes finger)...21 nights
Salento (Middle Andes finger)...15 nights
Cali (West Andes finger)...5 nights
Popayán (West Andes finger)...5 nights
San Agustin (Andes mountains)...15 nights
Bogotá (East Andes finger)...3 nights

Extra: Odds & Ends

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