South America 1998
Ecuador, Perú (Cuzco-Puno), And A Toe Into Bolivia

A first venture into the fabled Incan highlands and Amazon Basin of South America, before the internet arrived in any measure and practically any hostels either. Here are some last moments of travel as it used to be, truly out of contact with one's comfort zones, where making such a connection meant using a telephone on a table in the street - with its cord trailing back to someone's house or apartment, and a stopwatch to time the call. AS ONE OF MY FIRST TRAVELOGUES, AND EVEN WITH THE TEXT CLEANED UP A BIT, THERE'S A RIDICULOUSLY PEDANTIC AMOUNT OF DETAIL IN THIS ONE. SO CONSIDER YOURSELF BEEN WARNED - ALTHOUGH THERE ARE DEFINITELY INTERESTING MOMENTS ALONG THE WAY. I SHOULD PROBABLY PUT THOSE HIGHLIGHTS IN BOLDFACE AS WORTHY OF INTEREST... SOME DAY.

Quito & Otavalo, Ecuador
Ambato & Banos, Ecuador
Coca & Shiripuno River (Amazon Basin), Ecuador
Quito Redux, SantoDomingo, & Banos Redux, Ecuador
The Devil's Nose To Cuenca, Ecuador
The Roads To And From Cuzco, Perú
Puno, Perú, Copacabana, Bolivia, & Lake Titicaca And Out
Some Sidenotes

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