EUROPE 2015: PORTUGAL, SPAIN, TURKEY (yeah, I know, both European and not), IRELAND

From the 30th of April to the 9th of September 2015, TripTrumpet was in Europe, with a specific (yet lacking any details whatsoever, as usual) plan to do a bike tour from Lisbon, Portugal, to his Grandma's village in Osikov, Slovakia. Oops - didn't exactly happen. Details. They get in the way and, moreover, that's what happens when having too much fun in Lisbon and then Porto, Portugal - plus actually finally reading exactly what a Schengen Zone tourist visa is... which makes for a rather necessary big change. So, to not run afoul of Johnny EuroLaw, trips were hastily arranged to Turkey and Ireland to properly bend to a newly-discovered restriction of only 90 days out of 180 being spent in the Schengen Zone. Ah. Oh. Thus a grandiose bike tour changes, short-circuiting down to a mere rough 'L' from Lisbon to Porto (Portugal) to Salamanca (Spain) and a raggedly coastal line from San Sebastian to A Coruña (both in Spain) - about 1800+km all in all, give or take some tens of kilometers. Nope, ain't got no odometer nor a speedometer - that's the way I (literally) roll. Meanwhile, as to what lies between two bike tours, almost a month was spent in Turkey, preceded by a week on Lanzarote Island (of the Canary Islands), plus some time in Madrid. Then, following the end of the bike touring and a hasty return to Lisbon, a further 2-1/2 weeks were spent in Ireland, something of a loop of the north that began and ended in Dublin. A summary of the big detours would be as follows: Turkey was crazy hot, Ireland was most definitely not, and Lanzarote was... wot?!? As for the bulk of my trip, in Portugal and Spain proper, THOSE were visions of loveliness that'd find me thinking of permanently moving somewhere among them. Tapas, pintxos, seafood, wine, port? Hell, yes!

Lisbon, Portugal: A Good Place To Start
Hit the Road, Trip: Cycling To Coimbra, Portugal
Continuing the Cycle Tour On To Porto, Portugal
Slouching In Porto, Then A Portly Cycle To Salamanca
Hiatus #1, Of A Spanish Taste: Salamanca, Madrid, & Lanzarote (Canary Islands)
Hiatus #2a: Istanbul, Turkey - At Long Last!
Hiatus #2b: Busing Through A Sliver Of Turkey's Anatolia Region
Back On The Bike, Following The Camino From San Sebastián to Avilés, Spain
Finishing With The Bike, Still Shadowing The Camino From Avilés to Santiago, Spain
Hiatus #3: A Schengen Zone Refugee Retreats To Ireland

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