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Ever been ROBBED? I have (in Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia), and, a couple of times, it's been at gunpoint to boot. Not recommended. Often cited as a reason to not travel, I instead look at such crimes as concerns to take seriously and learn from. That's part of why I travel (to learn things, not to be a victim of crime.)

Indeed, it's often the bad stories that are often the most cited, like scary escapades by air or bus, or the lack of a toilet for a prolonged time - or just plain lacking, period. Or fun stretches of ailments, usually to the gut but possibly something more serious, like malaria.

But generally we travel to experience new cultures, see amazing displays of architecture and nature, and - to be honest - just laze about in a new and exotic locale. Below are some of my tales of woe and wow. I hope you enjoy them.

* Where's TripTrumpet now? *

The Wrong Reverend TT is back in that phony Bavarian village in the sticks of Washington State, theoretically taking a stab at some writing and trumpet playing while waiting for the snow to clear completely to get the upcoming planting season going.

* Where's TripTrumpet heading next? *

Good question: I'm mostly toying with the idea of a return to Europe, to finish the cycle tour that supposedly was going to connect Lisbon, Portugal, and the hometown of my grandmother in Eastern Slovakia (for the record, the two-street burg of Osikov near Slovakia's High Tatras mountains, Poland, and Ukraine). That's because I sort of didn't exactly cycle past the Iberian Peninsula last time. That suited me just fine, however, since due to visa issues (based on my ignorance, mainly), I was "forced" to wander over to such previously unexplored (by me, anyway) locales as a very hot Turkey (I'm bullish on Istambul, which met my expectations) and a very not hot Ireland (nice folks, great beer, horrific climate). So maybe next time I'll start in San Sebastian, Spain, and immediately begin crossing France with visions of Switzerland, Italy, and Austria ahead... or just hang out in Andalucia in the south of Spain and play pretend I'm an ex-pat. It'll probably be the latter, come to think of it. Down the road, India (everywhere) has always had great appeal (by Royal Enfeld motorcycle?), as does a work-stay in Japan (busking again? - I know it's pretty freaking expensive). And always, ALWAYS, I itch to return to Colombia, likely my next foray down Latin America way should that need to be properly scratched - as it should! Who knows?


A Cycle Tour Goes Happily Awry (4+ mo., 2015)

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires and a Stay in the North (3+ mo., 2013-2014)

CHILE & ARGENTINA: South Andean Lakes Districts, Plus Central Chile and Northern Argentina (4+ mo., 2012-2013)

CHILE, ARGENTINA, COSTA RICA: South Andean Lakes Districts Followed By Central American Beaches (4+ mo., 2011-2012)

COLOMBIA REDUX: Once More Into The Heart Of Lightness Of Being (4+ mo., 2010-2011)

COLOMBIA (4 mo.) 2009-2010 - San Agustin pictures still to come

(Kaua'i and) AUSTRALIA (8+ mo.) 2008-9

QUÉBEC, NEW BRUNSWICK, And MAINE (cycling) (2 mo.) 2008

PANAMÁ (3 wk.) 2008

(China and) VIET NAM (8 wk.) 2007

Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico
OAXACA, MEXICO (6 wk.) 2005

EUROPE: France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France (2 mo.) 2004

EUROPE: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Denmark (2 mo.) 2003
pictures need scanning

Venezuela (+Brazil Border Sneak #2) (2 mo.) 2002
pictures need scanning

Argentina, Uruguay (+Brazil Border Sneak #1) (2 mo.) 2001
pictures need scanning

Chile, Argentina, Ecuador (2 mo.) 2000
pictures need scanning

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile (2 mo.) 1999
edit #1 complete, pictures need scanning

Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia (2 mo.) 1998
edit #1 complete, pictures need scanning

EUROPE: Interrailing (1 mo.) 1983

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! More Trippy Trips, stateside and more photo-driven!

ST. LOUIS, Missouri Pics 2010

CRATERS OF THE MOON (Idaho) Pics 2010


NIAGARA FALLS (from Canada) Pics 2010

SAN JUAN ISLANDS Cycle Camping (10 days) 2007

MT. ADAMS (Washington) Climb Pics 2003

U.S.: The Big Road Trip (5 mo.) 1994

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