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Ever been ROBBED? No? Well, I've had the pleasure - specifically in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Colonia (Uruguay), and San Augustin (Colombia)! Lucky me! Moreover, in Argentina and Colombia I further enjoyed the rapture of having a gun pointed at my face. Not recommended, true, but I will admit that, although such random crimes are often cited as suitable reason to not travel, instead I continue to travel in spite of such mishaps. I look at them as concerns to take seriously and learn from, sure, BUT they also make for some really good stories (that, again, I'm not hoping to repeat or add to). No, I refuse to lose sight of the fact that I travel to learn and experience a bit about the world. And it's that spirit which allows me to far more often happily arrive at far more happy tales - like how much I evidently enjoy eating squid in its own ink. Who knew?

But yeah, it's most often the bad stories that are cited, like scary escapades by air or bus, or the lack of a toilet for a prolonged time - or is just plain lacking, period. Or those notoriously fun stretches of ailments, typically related to affairs of the gut but possibly something more serious, like malaria. Been there, done that, and they're all here as best as I bring them back to life. But don't worry, there are also those paeans to the exotic and different, too. Yes, we all travel to experience new cultures, see amazing displays of architecture and nature, and - to be honest - just laze about in a new and exotic locale. Those, too, comprise some of my tales of woe and wow. I hope you enjoy them all; I happily receive feedback on interesting and awkward passages as the reader deems fit to inform me.

* Where's TripTrumpet now? *

As of January 2018, the Wrong Reverend TT is again in his phony Bavarian village in the sticks of Washington State, hatching future travel plans under the glare of over half a million Christmas lights a few long blocks away. In theory I'm making good use of this time, taking a stab at some writing (mostly updating these travel logs), trumpet playing (choro music of late, but also plenty of jazz and latin and other traditional international musics as well)... and waiting for the snow to again clear so I can get the upcoming planting season underway.

* Where's TripTrumpet heading next? *

Good question, and the answer is back to Europe around the beginning of August 2018. I'm *still* trying to finish this mystical cycle tour that's been rambling about my noggin, supposedly connecting Lisbon, Portugal, and the hometown of my grandmother in Eastern Slovakia (for the record, the burg of Osikov near Slovakia's High Tatras mountains, Poland, and Ukraine). It's still rattling 'round mainly cause I sort of didn't exactly cycle past the Iberian Peninsula the first time, then didn't get past Austria the next. Fortunately such slothful behavior has suited me just fine since I've managed to make some odd geographical leaps to places like Turkey and Ireland plus aim for places like the Pyrenees and the Alps which were detours well worth taking.

Down the road, meanwhile, India always looms as the trip of all trips that has to be done one day (perhaps accomplished by Royal Enfeld motorcycle?), as does a work-stay in Japan since I'm learning Japanese these days (which admittedly helps that concept more than a little bit). Scouting in-country for the latter may come as soon as Summer 2018. Also on the agenda? A proper trip to Brazil beyond sneaking in at border towns, scratching the ever-present itch to return to Colombia, and one of these days "finish" Australia by running it's western coast from Darwin to Perth. Sigh: I *really* gotta get this work thing figured out to fully accommodate traveling as much as possible...


A Cycle Tour Oddly Curls Its Way Inexorably Forward:
ALSO: Cities of Former Empire (Vienna, Brno, Bratislava, Budapest)
(3 mo., 2017)

A Cycle Tour Goes Happily Awry (4+ mo., 2015)

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires and a Stay in the North (3+ mo., 2013-2014)

CHILE & ARGENTINA: South Andean Lakes Districts, Plus Central Chile and Northern Argentina (4+ mo., 2012-2013)

CHILE, ARGENTINA, COSTA RICA: South Andean Lakes Districts Followed By Central American Beaches (4+ mo., 2011-2012)

COLOMBIA REDUX: Once More Into The Heart Of Lightness Of Being (4+ mo., 2010-2011)

COLOMBIA (4 mo.) 2009-2010 - San Agustin pictures still to come

(Kaua'i and) AUSTRALIA (8+ mo.) 2008-9

QUÉBEC, NEW BRUNSWICK, And MAINE (cycling) (2 mo.) 2008

PANAMÁ (3 wk.) 2008

(China and) VIET NAM (8 wk.) 2007

Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico
OAXACA, MEXICO (6 wk.) 2005

EUROPE: France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France (2 mo.) 2004

EUROPE: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Denmark (2 mo.) 2003
pictures need scanning

Venezuela (+Brazil Border Sneak #2) (2 mo.) 2002
pictures need scanning

Argentina, Uruguay (+Brazil Border Sneak #1) (2 mo.) 2001
pictures need scanning

Chile, Argentina, Ecuador (2 mo.) 2000
pictures need scanning

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile (2 mo.) 1999
edit #1 complete, pictures need scanning

Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia (2 mo.) 1998
edit #1 complete, pictures need scanning

EUROPE: Interrailing (1 mo.) 1983

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! More Trippy Trips, stateside and more photo-driven!

ST. LOUIS, Missouri Pics 2010

CRATERS OF THE MOON (Idaho) Pics 2010


NIAGARA FALLS (from Canada) Pics 2010

SAN JUAN ISLANDS Cycle Camping (10 days) 2007

MT. ADAMS (Washington) Climb Pics 2003

U.S.: The Big Road Trip (5 mo.) 1994

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